4 Cheap Hotels In Panama City

by Joshua Adekane

If you're searching for cheap hotels in Panama City Panama the very affordable you can find are hostels. These will typically be a bed in a common room. There could possibly be a public toilet or an adjacent washroom. Typically they are clean and the basic important component here is they are cheap. These 4 hotels are hostels and three of these are less than 20 bucks a day plus any Panama City room or space fees which may be priced. One of them is approximately thirty dollars. The nice thing with regards to a hostel is that you'll have company and the other people rooming there are also looking to the affordable so you can easily get information through them on what to see and where the best place to go.

1) Hostal de Clayton Clayton Calle Guanababa Panama

It is a hostel establishment on the retired United States Army Base of Clayton. The establishment looks exactly like one of the Military barracks however the interior seems very clean in fact it is a perfect selection for travelers as well as other low budget vacationers. The location is residential and near to the downtown bus station and also 15 minutes through downtown Panama. It is also near to the Metropolitan Nature Park. The minimum cost per day is $16. They have high speed internet accessible, cable TV, lockers including a bathroom.

2) Hospedaje Casco Viejo C/8a Con Avenida A Casa 8-31, San Felipe, Panama City

This is one of several cheap accommodations in Panama City Panama based in the old quarter of Panama City therefore it is very main to all of the city's sights. If you are seeking for affordable one of the beds of a dorm type room is $9.00 and a distributed is $23. The interior is light and provides internet access and lockers and also a 24 hour front desk. In case you are seeking to wander the UNESCO designated historical spot and try to make your way around narrow alleys watching colonial architecture this choice is perfectly for you.

3) Hostal Panama Via Porras Calle 62 Este Panama City

If you prefer a shared bathroom and solo private bed this is one among the affordable hotels in Panama City Panama. They offered housing to folks since 2004. The solo room is $31.00 per night. You'll be living along with students to a local language classes who room there. So that you have a chance to discuss to budget travelers from all over the world. it provides net access, air conditioning and parking.

4) Hostal Balboa Bay, Panama Hostal Panama City Ave Balboa Calle 39 Bella Vista House twenty one

This is among the cheap hotels in Panama City Panama as well as a bed in an eight bed dorm area with free breakfast every day will cost you around $13.00 per night. It does charge for internet access and it has been newly designed therefore the bedrooms are big, bright, air conditioned and also clean. It's got a rooftop with a barbeque. While the living area provides satellite television and visitors information for the traveler new to Panama City.

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