Alternative Cyprus holidays

by Malik Kragt

Cyprus holidays for every taste

Cyprus holidays offer an attractive proposition for sun worshippers from all over the world, but beach holidays are just a small part of what the island can offer to its 2 million or so holidaymakers every year. With a tradition of warmth and hospitality, your every interest and requirement can be catered for on this island - just decide what kind of holiday you're after and you'll be able to find a location to suit your needs.

Get active or enjoy some pampering

Health freaks and fitness fans would do well to book into one of the incredible spa hotels that now seem almost commonplace for their holidays in Cyprus. In these purpose-built palaces of relaxation, you can enjoy a variety of holistic therapies and take advantage of the many fitness and sports facilities that come as part of a package too. If you'd rather enjoy some outdoor pursuits than lounge around getting pampered and working out, opt for a beachside hotel or resort where you can enjoy a plethora of water sports such as kite surfing or scuba diving.

If you like the idea of an adrenaline-filled holiday but feel safer on firmer ground, then the bigger cities, such as Limassol, have adventure and activity parks where you can have a go at paint balling, go-karting or something more old-school, such as archery. If you have slightly more refined tastes, then the region just south of the Troodos Mountains is famous for its vineyards and wine making. Fill your Cyprus holiday itinerary with wine tours, where you can taste the produce and buy great value cases of the goods to ship back home.

Something more cultural, perhaps...

If you'd rather live like a Cypriot, you can try some of the more recently developed types of holidays, where you can stay in a small village away from the tourist traps. The locals are incredibly friendly and will show you all of the traditional ways, giving you a chance to indulge in farming activities, and age-old crafts such as pottery and lace making - it really is a world away from the manic, modern lifestyle that you're undoubtedly more used to.

Of course, holidays in Cyprus are also great for golfers too, with plenty of quality courses scattered around the island for you to show off your swing. Youngsters are also well catered for, especially in the well-known party capital of Ayia Napa - be sure to take your hangover remedies with you! All in all, you can find any kind of holiday you want in Cyprus, from mountain climbing, to serial shopping, or a truly historic adventure, this is one special island that's really got it all.

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