An Introduction to Grupo Mayan and the Vidanta Foundation

by Janice Kimball

One of the promising students that graduated from the University of Guadajara was Daniel Chavez Moran. Rather than practice his engineering skills, Moran decided to establish the Grupo Vidanta company which is known for some of the most luxurious resorts that Mexico has to offer like the Grand Luxxe for example. It only took several years for him to earn his millions.

In Mexico, Moran is known as a great businessman and earning this reputation did not take long. After some time, Moran and his company ventured into creating spas and golf courses. He even went as far as to build the Mar Cortes International Airport.

It was back in 2004 when Moran shocked Mexico. During this time, Moran retired from business and devoted his time to charitable works instead. Moran decided to devote his time and effort to philanthropy.

The creation of national policies that will empower the people to strive for a better life was the main goal of his foundation aptly named Fundacion Vidanta. The goal of the foundation is not only to aid Mexico but to help other Latin American countries too. Vidanta Foundation also helps promote culture and social sciences in Latin America.

You might be wondering where the charitable mindset started. The thing about this is that his charitable mindset contributed a lot of good to his business. Grupo Vidanta, also known by its former name, Grupo Mayan, is doing quite well and continuing to expand.

In 2011, Grupo Vidanta, Mexico, was awarded as the top hotel and resort company in this part of the world, besting world-class names in the hotel industry such as Four Seasons Hotel, RCI Mexico and JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City. They received this prestigious award during the 2011 Best Companies to Work in Mexico event. Here, they got 8th place out of 5000 competitors.

No other resorts company ranked higher in the awards. This company owns more than 20 resorts in Mexico and they have hired over 12000 employees to date. Nuevo Villarta, Playa del Carmen, and Los Cabos are some of the prime locations for their resorts in Mexico.

The latest addition to the group's roster of world-class establishments is a golf course in Nuevo Vallarta. This golf course adds to the ones found in Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, El Manglar, and Los Cabos and makes for five champion courses under the Grupo Vidanta portfolio. The company got the help of Jack Nicklaus in designing this new golf course.

No effort is too big to be made when it comes to a man like Daniel Chavez Moran. Not only in business does Moran encourage people to step up. Helping others will never get in the way of you being successful in business as Moran says.

People in Latin America are well aware of the reputation that the Vidanta Foundation has. Before he established the Grupo Mayan Fundacion that was later named as Vidanta Foundation, he also founded the Fundacion Delia Moran. Moran's mom was a teacher and the Fundacion Delia Moran was created in her name as she was an advocate for children.

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