An island designed on musical foundations

by Allan Enyeart

Come and hear the music of Cyprus for yourself

From the first moment you touch down on Cyprus, you'll notice the sound of music in the air. It seems that music pervades all aspects of life and no matter where you go, you'll hear songs everywhere. It doesn't matter what kind of musical genres you prefer, all the way from opera to pop, you'll soon see that it's in the blood of everyone on the island.

Listen to the music that has inspired Cyprus for centuries

It's well documented that the island has had a musical tradition that has been handed down through the ancestral chain dating back centuries. No matter what time of year you come, there will always be plenty of concerts or festivals for you to check out, all of which will be packed with people who are passionate about their music and love to share it with visitors. It almost seems as if every day is a celebration, so when you come across an event, be ready to get involved in the singing and dancing.

A highlight of the musical year occurs every July when the world famous International Opera Festival is held. All over the island, venues large and small come together and hold concerts and shows featuring the enraptured crowds and wonderful performers, presenting a wide range of pieces that are further enhanced by the stunning surroundings in which they take place. The most beautiful music in the world combines with luxurious locations to create an unmatched experience.

Dance the night away!

Cyprus' music scene truly has something for everybody, so if you're into more modern tunes you'll be well catered for. Big name DJs can be found every weekend in the island's clubs playing out tunes that the rest of the world will hear months down the line, and summertime sees countless outdoor festivals that are unmatched. There's nothing better than dancing through the night with crowds of friendly people, losing yourself in the music as the beat washes over you.

Even if you don't leave your chosen beach hotel, you still won't be able to escape the influence of the music as many of them choose to bring in local groups to entertain their guests in the evening. Throw yourself into the experience and who knows, you may develop a love for the music of the island yourself. Combine the luxury of staying in a beautiful boutique hotel with the passion you'll find in music and you'll soon see there's no better way to spend a holiday.

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