Aracari Peru Luxury Travel Ideas For Adventure And Comfort Side By Side

by Clinton Arnhold

When touring the terrain in Peru, one doesn't have to make a choice between luxury and adventure. Taking the trip with Aracari luxury Peru trips can include the lavishness as well as comfort the country offers. Decisions do have to be made, however, about the kind of trip they prefer because the country has travelling options that are far more varied than most regions offer.

Many have no awareness that it's possible to hike in luxury. Actually, hikes over extreme terrains together with comfort make the luxury even more poignant. Five star cooks and luxury tents are one choice. The other is a tour based on lodges. Both have elements of the world class Peruvian cuisine the country is famed for.

The Andes is best explored by foot. Wheels can't cope with the narrow paths and steep ascensions in the mountain range. Those with low fitness levels don't have to omit the Andes from their visits. There are opportunities for every fitness level.

Peru's most fascinating aspect, according to many, is its Inca history. The tribes have left behind a number of ruins that are often well preserved. Most of them are near Cuzco and the Andes. The Inca trail is one of the most popular hikes globally and many take it as a spiritual journey.

Cuzco is the closest village to the Inca trail and it's a good start to the walk. The Spanish colonial architecture in the town is reminiscent of Europe and provides a moment to speak and trade with locals. Trails link the village with the end of the trip at Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is the perfect example of the Incas' skill with stone. It's connected by a series of roads and steps and is said to have served as a royal estate. It was serviced from Cuzco and didn't have any significant agricultural potential although it's surrounding landscape is varied and beautiful. The road system to Machu Picchu was created by the Incas themselves as well as empires that came before them.

The full four day Inca trail is for the moderately fit. Two cloud forests will be traversed and the first ruins tourists are met with are Llactapata. A six hour hike on the first day takes tourists through a cloud forest, and then up a steep incline into the Andes. There are varied habitats to be seen, all with their own ecosystems.

Machu Picchu is seen on the fourth day, and is preceded by another cloud forest and the Phuyapatamarca ruins. The six hours of walking on this day will end with a quiet train ride to a hotel at Cuzco. The walkers are taken care of by a full staff compliment including a cook and the carrying of backpacks. Without heavy loads, the hike is more enjoyable.

The Andes is another kind of adventure. Trekkers will pass many ruins and villages. Many of the locals participate in some of the culture of the Incas and some make antique copies reminiscent of the tribal items. On tours created by Aracari luxury Peru becomes a lavish quest with many differing options for each personality.

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