Best Dining places In Johannesburg That Provide Excellent Dining Experience

by Carla Rossouw

Are you out on company around Johannesburg? Do you wish to match your taste buds and win-over your customers with the food and atmosphere of the area? Here are several of the greatest restaurant choices ideals for every eating experience.


This restaurant mainly offers Mediterranean dishes. The menu is diverse and you can order pasta, burgers, cakes, salads, steaks and seafood dishes. It is a very good restaurant because it offers you different choices according to your mood and liking. It is located in the Michelangelo Towers mall and it is very accessible to a lot of people. It mainly serves breakfast and lunch but from Tuesday to Saturday, you can also dine out here for dinner. It also serves different types of cocktails such as margaritas and martinis. If you are dining with a large group, you can avail of the private room which can accommodate about 25 people.


This Italian restaurant is known for its pastas and zucchinis. It uses various kinds of herbal treatments that boost the food experience. It uses rare meat like rabbit meat to have an added experience. It's situated close to the Trafalgar flats and also the Publish Office in the region. The place doesn't showcase a great deal however your meals are excellent. It's advisable to visit this in summer time to savor its Italian wines.


This restaurant provides refines dining. It provides different types of wines from its own personal wine attic. This is a popular option for people who are keeping year-end parties because of the comfy atmosphere. Additionally it is well-liked by vacationers and people from other towns. It is positioned in Rivonia which is a very peaceful area. You can dine al fresco when the weather is fine. It is ideal for business conferences because it has numerous exclusive rooms that can support 20 to 100 people. Yes, it's that large.

Le Canard

From the label itself, you could have a concept what type of food it serves. That's correct! It serves French dishes. The area is stylish and tranquil. Amidst the busy section of Rivonia where it is situated, the restaurant stays quiet and sets off a relaxing atmosphere. One of the reasons is because the usage of mobile phones is banned. It is ideal for people who wish to have a very nice and calming dining encounter. The menu is also delightful because it offers lobsters, ducks, steaks and other signature dishes. If you are planning on a date, this is the spot to be. Nonetheless, if you are on a business meeting, it is advisable to dine here during lunch break to prevent the very intimate atmosphere. There are personal rooms and smoking areas.

The Grill House

If you are searching for something smoky, this steakhouse is for you. Situated in Hyatt shopping mall, this restaurant is definitely well-timed and beneficial. It provides good service and great wines. The meats are also prepared perfectly exceptional, medium rare or done well. It is ideal for lunch and dinner. You may also dine here late at night to savor the live band.

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