Bird Specialists Discovered The Bird Watching Sites Of Mayan Riviera

by Linda Patterson

The Mayan Riviera's Bird Diversity

April 16, in Playa Del Carmen - Leslie Shulman, a bird watching specialist from the U.S. came to the Riviera Maya in order to explore the bird watching tourism attraction that has been not extremely used even with its enormous potential.

Shulman, the bird watching specialist was accompanied by the editor of the website; they visited the Muyil community, Sian Ka'an, Lake LuumKaan and the Xel-Ha archeological site, in order to discover the bird species that are inhabitants of the area and to do a report regarding its diversity that can be seen in their natural habitat in the Mexican Caribbean.

The Mayan Riviera culture encompassed the data collected by Shulman and she highlighted that the natural scenery of this tourist destination are very ideal for those who like contemplation.

Bird Watching Tours As A Source Of Livelihood

In this sector, the ornithological tourism is among the economic mother-loads which has not been extremely exploited in Mexico. In accordance with a study in the year 2011 by the Defenders of Wildlife and Teyeliz, Mexico is the fifth country in the world to hold a considerable diversity of birds, with about a thousand species, from which above 100 are endemic; nonetheless, it receives only 23 million annually from the bird watching attraction.

82 million Americans are bird watchers, and 20 million of whom travel within the country in order to perform this ecotourism activity and 49 percent go to other nations, as estimated by the Defenders of Wildlife. It's approximated that only the travel and equipment expenses arrived at an amount of $35 billion.

The Trust for the Promotion of the Mayan Riviera Tourism or FPTRM helps to diversify the type of visitors to this type of tourism, with the spread of new tourism opportunities, such as bird watching.

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