Bridges of Jacksonville to Explore

by Elden Rosen

Jacksonville boasts a great variety of visually and architecturally engaging bridges, from easy functional beauty to majestic sophistication and innovation. There many notable bridges in Jacksonville, including the longest concrete wire bridge in the United States at the Dawes Point Bridge, which spans two miles across the St. John's River. Jacksonville Bridges certainly have unique featuers, and will be something you will see and drive over on your trip, so keep and eye out for these.

Acosta Bridge

The Acosta Bridge was opened in 1994, and replaced the 3 lane St. John's Brook Bridge. Its 151 foot width carries the six lanes of SR13, along with the 2 lines of the JTA Skyway monorail, as well as 2 sidewalks. The bridge, constructed of pre-stressed concrete, spans 1,645 feet, and took 4 years to build.

Dames Point Bridge

Possibly one of the most lovely of the Jacksonville bridges, the Dames Point Bridge is a cable stayed bridge which combines architectural invention with sophistication. It was only the 3rd cable stayed bridge built in the Western hemisphere when it opened in 1989. It stands up to 160 feet above St. John's Stream, and has a total span of 10,646 feet.

Main Street Bridge

Found in central Jacksonville, the Main Street Bridge was initially assembled in 1941, it is a steel lift bridge, implying it can raise and lower to permit river traffic to pass through. It spans 1,680 feet and carries the four lane US Route 1/US90. It was the 2nd of the Jacksonville bridges to be constructed, and though retitled for Mayor John T. Alsop, Jr, in 1957, it still is referred to most generally as the Main Street Bridge.

FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge

Completed in 1925, the FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge is among the oldest bridges in Jacksonville. Although it doesn't command the same attention as other better known bridges, it does have a straightforward, functional beauty. It is a easy truss bridge which carries the Florida East Coast Train line, and includes a bascule lift which can enable the shipping to pass through along the St. John's Brook. Not typically counted in among the major bridges of Jacksonville, it does nonetheless have its own gritty charm.

Fuller Warren Bridge

Carrying the I-95 across the St. John's stream, the Fuller Warren Bridge was finished in 2002, and replaced the previous bascule bridge which had functioned since 1954. It's a segmental, prestressed concrete girder bridge carrying 8 lanes, and spanning an impressive 7,500 feet. This bridge is a modern wonder and it could be fun taking the family over while on your stay in Jacksonville.

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