Clear Airport Security Today, Tomorrow and Forever with Clear Me

by Brent Neenan

Since the events of September 11th 2001 security at airports has risen dramatically. Agencies such as the TSA were spawned and measures such as "naked scanners" put into place to help prevent such occurrences in the future. With increased security though also came longer lines and greater wait times to get to ones' destination. Fortunately with the arrival of a service known as Clear me, people could once again easily clear airport security with less trouble and shave time off their traveling.

Beginning in 2003 Clear Me was created directly to fight the troubles of present day airport security measures. By using technology such as biometric ID cards it is possible to cut travel time down between 20 to 30 minute when; provided at specific checkpoints. Clear Me breaks the chains of waiting in line with the bulk of airport passengers.

Because this program is in fact a safety measure not everyone one can willy-nilly sign up for it. In order to be considered for the Clear services one must provide to multiple security regulations. Once a possible client submits several Government-issued IDs, completes an iris and fingerprint scan and passes a LexisNexis background check they are certified to clear airport security as a Clear subscriber.

It's still debated whether or not Clear Me is a worthwhile service. The biggest concern is that it has already folded once in 2009. Though there are new investors reinvigorating the concept and honoring the memberships of 200,000 previous subscribers it's still a wonder whether or not Clear Me will last into the future.

The bottom line is that Clear Me is created to save time in an individual's travels and that's precisely what it does. Would you rather wait on line with various of other drones or would you like to fly clear of airport security? The option is clear. Clear Me is going to be the new way to trek for years to come.

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