Crucial Information about Skiing Exercises for the Summer

by Raven Jeneir

Skiing is where one uses skis to travel over snow. Nowadays, skiing is mainly considered as an athletic activity where one uses skis together with boots. Ski poles are additionally used by the skiers in order to enhance balance as they ski. There are two groups of skiing, specifically; Nordic skiing which originated from Scandinavia and the Alpine which originated from European Alps.

Skiing is quite fun due to the fact that it can only be done in certain times of the year. It is also rather hazardous since individuals get less consistency to keep their bodies fit for the game.

To prevent injuries and other sorts of accidents, there are various types of skiing exercises that individuals need to go through. For people who have not been regular exercising, it is never too late to start working out, although more training will need to be done for them to get in shape. Below are a few of the suggestions that one ought to follow in order to make sure that he/she gets in shape before going for skiing.

Strength Building

When skiing, people use different muscles. During skiing, some muscles are used more often than others, and these are the muscles that one ought to concentrate on exercising.

Among the muscles that are used the most during skiing are:

Calves, since one's knees are typically bent as he/she skis. Machine calf raises and standing calf raises are fantastic exercises to develop the calf muscles.

Arms. The arms are typically used to push the poles in order to enable movement. To make sure that your arms are fit for skiing, one can always work on his/her biceps and triceps.

Glutes and Hamstrings. Great strength from your hamstrings and glutes is required to support your hips when skiing. One can work his hamstrings and glutes using; dead lifts, step ups, hamstring rolls and pull throughs.

Quadriceps. Muscles in the quads are the most used during skiing. These muscles can be exercised with lunges and squats.

Building On Endurance

Prior to going skiing, one has to build on endurance of his cardiac system. One needs cardiovascular endurance in order to be able to ski for long hours and quite possibly the whole day.

The following are some of the programs that are included in your cardio work out:

* Doing exercises such as running, step aerobics, rollerblading and stair masters at least two to four days a week.

* Slow workouts for around one hour in order to get your legs and lungs in good shape.

Skiing exercises are rather important since they make it possible for one to tackle the different tribulations that may be experienced during skiing. These exercises are quite easy to follow, and for that reason, individuals should always ensure they do them prior to doing any skiing activity.

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