Detroit's Natural Scenery

by Karen Helman

Many of us don't notice how many natural marvels are found near Detroit, Michigan. Detroit is more then simply an automotive capital. There are numerous natural landmarks in Detroit and its surrounding areas. When visitng Detroit a lot of people don't think about natural scenery, but Detroit sures does have some very pretty places to see.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Detroit natural landmarks include the Sleeping Bear Dunes. This area covers thirty-five miles of Lake Michigan. There are dune formations in this natural park a well as forests, beaches, and glacial sites. There are lots of trails to walk in this park too , and a historic district to visit.

Tahquamenon State Park

This state park features 2 waterfalls, called the Tahquamenon falls. The higher falls are rather more then two hundred feet high and have a direct drop of around 50 feet. The lower falls have a collection of five smaller waterfalls. The water is a brownish color since the water comes out of a close by swamp. It's also not suggested to swim in the water due to leaches, but it is a pretty sight to see the grandeur of the waterfalls.

Pictured Rocks

This is another one of the great natural landmarks in Detroit. These rocks were the first official natural lake shore in the United States, as designed by Congress. The shore covers forty-two miles and around seventy-three thousand acres of land. What makes this shore special are the caves, colorful sandstone, and naturally carved. For a little taste of paradise in Detroit, this is the perfect spot to pay a visit to, as it offers the natural beauty of the lake as well as the land.

Porcupine Mountains

The Porcupine Mountains are located in Wilderness State Park near Detroit. The mountains top at just about 2000 feet high and were once utilised for copper mining. The northern hardwood forest in these mountains have a lot of wildlife and are home to many black bears. If you're wanting to spend a day in the mountains, Porcupine Mountains provide a magnificent view.

Salt Deposits

One of Detroit's natural landmarks include the Salt Deposits. Over 400 years ago salt beds formed in the Michigan Basin. Salt from the ocean went over this basin and evaporated over time, leaving behind beds of salt. While the Salt Deposits are a wonder of nature, they also provide business for Detroit, since mining this salt creates quite a bit of cash. There could be over fifteen hundred salt mines and basins to see in Detroit.

Detroit has many natural landmarks and features that many folk would never think to visit. Detroit is more then simply a town, as there are plenty of glorious natural features with a half hour drive of the town to go and visit and allow locals and visitors to appreciate the natural features of the Detroit area.

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