Don't Ruin Your European Backpacking Trip With the Wrong Bag

by Jeff Bukowski

If you are traveling in Europe, you need a backpack that's ready for the adventure. You have to have something durable, yet lightweight. The perfect rucksack for Europe will be invulnerable to theft, little enough to take on a flight, and easy to use. In this article, we'll discuss exactly which capabilities you should look for in a Europe backpack. Read on to choose the ideal backpack for your trip to Europe.

Pickpocketing and small theft are familiar in bustling tourist areas, budget hotels, and trains. Stop snooping fingers from taking your identification, money, digital camera, or computer with a secure pack. Hiking bags are only secured with a drawstring. You could just hang up a shirt that reads, "Rob me!" A locking backpack will stop thieving. Just be more difficult to gank than the next tourist. Thieves will always target the most vulnerable person. A tiny lock will provide enough security to deter most petty theft.

You'll probably be changing cities and hostels frequently. To do this, you need a bag that you can easily grab and run. Bringing a bag as big as you will simply slow you down, not make anything faster. You shouldn't pack everything. Travel backpacks for Europe must be carry-on-sized, even if you'll mostly be taking trains. Taking a carry on backpack will guarantee that you do not take too much. The majority of airlines permit hand luggage up to forty-five linear inches or 22" high x 14" across x 9" front-to-back. This size of pack is small enough to be light and comfy on your back while carrying the right amount of luggage: 45L. You should be able to fit 1-1.5 weeks of clothing, which you can wear again and clean as required.

When you do carry your pack on a plane, you'll save cash by not paying checked baggage costs. You will also save time by avoiding checking your baggage in prior to the flight and waiting to collect it after your flight. With the backpack in your own hands, the airlines won't be able to accidentally misroute or damage it. I can't stress enough how vital that is if you're low on money and don't have a permanent address.

Finally, most backpacks are top-loading. To get to your clothes, you would have to unpack everything above it. You'll be staying in lots of hostels without any personal room, so unloading all your stuff every time you need something is not doable. You need use a front-loading pack. Panel-loading backpacks use a clamshell opening, where the whole cover can be opened. Then you will be able to quickly reach anything in your backpack without unpacking it.

Before leaving for Europe, find the best backpack for your trip. It should be secure, carry-on-sized, and easily accessible. What other capabilities do you recommend for Europe travel backpacks?

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