Ensure Your Accommodation for the next Marlborough Wine and Food Festival Now!

by Fredrick Flink

The quality of the bounty of the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival is now available to be seen and tasted by people all over the country and around the world. If you're interested in attending the most-awaited next wine festival, it's very much advised that you book your stay as soon as possible at book now to ensure your reservations.

All types of accommodation are available in Marlborough festival. There are accommodations intended to cater those travellers in a low budget like budget end backpackers and cabins while there are also luxurious accommodations for those who are looking for the greatest festival experience.

The celebration of the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival is yearly held at the grapes vines of Blenheim-one of the largest estates of the country. Bands and performers are present during the festival to provide entertainment to guests and town people alike. Transportation is very convenient since buses come and go to Blenheim anytime of the day.

During the festival, the region features more than 45 Marlborough wineries and 500 wines. The culinary specialties of the area are also on show. And some of New Zealand's leading winemakers and chefs provide workshops during the day.

Another exciting addition to the festival is the Fashion in the Vines competition. In this contest, male and female contestants compete to be hailed as the best dressed individuals. The person to be hailed as winner must be able to top the contest requirements which include originality of the outfit design, climate suitability, and significance of the accessories to the overall outfit.

Annually celebrated every 2nd Sunday of February, over 8000 wine and food enthusiasts from New Zealand and other parts of the world gather together to experience the most amazing food and wine festival.

Marlborough is New Zealand's largest wine growing region with more than 9000 hectares of wine vineyards. The largely produced grape varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. Ever since the production of wine in New Zealand became the number one source of income for the local people, plantation was spread across the river flats of Rapaura district, lower Wairu, West Waihopai and Southern Awatere Valley.

A string of both national and international awards has come from these grape vines and led to the region's distinction in producing the best wines. The Sauvignon Blanc wines, one of the best around the world, is Marlborough's most notable wine.

How about you stay at winery accommodation in Blenheim. While around the area, make sure you savor the chance of enjoying all its many attractions. The Marlborough Sounds is a peaceful playground for seafarers and kayakers. A trip on the mail boat can be arranged from Blenheim which is also well known for its fishing and water sports.

Numerous fishing guides are available for you to hire so that you get full assistance while fishing in the local freshwater streams. The well-formed paths of the Sounds follow the coves and ridge lines of the 71km Queen Charlotte Track are a freedom walkers' and mountain bikers' paradise.

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