Enticing Detroit Monuments to Visit

by Karen Helman

Detroit is a captivating city full of various folks, history and culture, but to get an understanding of Detroit's rich history visitors should pay a trip to the numerous landmarks and Detroit monuments that this city has to give. Henry Ford made Detroit famous and called the motor city of the U.S, but in the 20th century it was Berry Gordy who set Detroit as the home of Motown a record company who produced Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross among many others. Both visitors and neighbors can enjoy the historical monuments in Detroit that symbolize the Motor City?s history.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial

This monument is located on the average of Woodward Avenue. Sculptured by sculptor Randolph Roggers, and made of granite and bronze. It was erected and devoted to the brave troops of the Civil War. It is titled Emancipation. The monument has 4 figures that represent the navy, infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Hurlbut Memorial Gate

This monument which sits at the entry way for Water Works Park on east Jefferson Avenue. By the 1900 the park was the second most used park in the town. This commemorative was named after Chauncey Hurlbut who was president of the Board of Water Commissions.

Bagley Memorial Fountain

This historic fountain now sits Cadillac Square Park. Governor John Bagley commissioned that upon his demise a drinking fountain be made for the people of Detroit. In 1887 it was dedicated in its original site on Woodward Avenue and Fort Street. The fountain sits 21 Ft high and distributes cold water thru its 4 lion heads made of pink granite. While on your stay, if you happen to pass by this park, be sure to take a cool drink of water in memory of Bagley.

Spirit of Detroit Monument

A city monument located at the Coleman Young City Center. It is a huge bronze statue which pictures a male figure holding a sphere with emanating rays in one hand and on its other a family group. It was created in 1955 by Marshall Fredricks. During sports playoffs this statue is found wearing team jerseys. Don't miss out on seeing this monument on your stay, as it captures the spirit of Detroit perfectly.

Joe Louis Memorial

This monument is seated in downtown Detroit at the corner of Woodward and Jefferson. This is a cast bronze 24 foot arm held in suspension. The monument was commissioned by Time Group to revere Joe Louis, Detroit native and great heavyweight champion.

Monuments and memorials that are in and around a city can really enchance the history and commemorate those events that have happened through out the ages. There are a lof of great monuments in and around Detroit, as in any city to see, so be sure to keep an eye out for these on your trip.

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