Experiencing Life On An Adventure Cruise

by Jasmine Cummings

An Alaska adventure cruise is a great way to travel to and around the majestic region that is full of amazing wild life, breathtaking scenery and some outstanding glaciers. Many feel that this is the very best way to explore the 49th state. There are many different cruises to choose from, so there is likely to be one that appeals to almost everyone.

There are ships that are offered from large lines and some smaller ones that are offered by private owners or smaller companies that are great for getting around narrow passage ways. The big ships often leave out of Seattle, Vancouver or another major port. They offer the amenities of a resort such a high-end dining restaurant, a spa and a heated swimming pool and of course, the constantly changing views.

Small ships are likely to leave out of one Alaskan city and travel to another. These boats let the guests get closer to the shore and can navigate through narrow passage ways. They offer their guests an entirely different experience than what they would have on a larger ship.

No matter what type of experience the traveler chooses, he is sure to have the time of his life. He is likely to see some amazing wildlife including whales, eagles, bears, and sea lions. Other wildlife that may be viewed are the various seabirds that call this area home and other critters native to the area.

An Alaskan trip should also include a visit to the glaciers and a stroll through an old growth rain forest or a walk along an otherwise secluded beach. It should also include a visit to a small town that that marries Russian heritage and Inuit life.

An is a good way for travelers to experience the culture and see the sites. Large cruise ships and smaller ones are available and each has its own advantages. Travelers will get to see amazing scenery, including glaciers and wild life and can walk through rain forests and quaint towns.

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