Family Portraits With Kauai Photographer

by Nick Galante

I am a Kauai family portrait photographer. I have been shooting Kauai beach portraits for over twenty five years. I prefer to work at a great south shore beach where I know what the sun will be doing every day of the year. By working at a familiar location I am able to control all aspects of my Kauai family beach portraits.

Many families have reunions on Kauai where this might be the only time everyone gets together for years. I photograph the entire group, individual families, couples and individuals. I love large family groups. When you get a bunch of people on a beach with a camera they will do things they might not ordinarily do which makes for great photography.

My Kauai family beach portraits are marketed as a fun Kauai activity. I encourage everyone to think of it as a fun beach activity not a stiff photo session. Everyone is encouraged to come up with their own ideas for photos. Some of those ideas create great photos. The most important thing for me is that everyone has fun.

My Kauai faimily beach portrait is structured so that all of the formal groupings are done first. Most small children don't have much patience for this type of thing so I have to work fast. Once the formal photos are done then everyone is walking on the beach, running through the waves or jumping off sand cliffs. Children forget they are in a photo session and just having fun on the beach. Everything we do is of course determined by everyone's physical limitations. I won't be sending grandma running through the surf although some insist on it.

My life is built around the beach. I work and play at the beach. When we can, my family and I eat dinner while watching the sunset at the beach. I realized at some point while working for a government contractor that I was too busy to enjoy the great island I live on. I changed all that to concentrate on three things 1. work at the beach 2. play at the beach 3. spend time with my family at the beach. So for me life really is a beach.

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