Fishy Activities and Hotels Around London

by Steve Alexander

It doesn't matter which aquatic creature you love most, as you'll be able to see it at London's amazing Sealife Aquarium. With sand tiger sharks, black tip reef sharks, bowmouth guitar sharks and hammerhead sharks, the centre is home to several species of sharks. If small and cute sea creatures are more appealing however, check out the schools of brightly coloured clownfish. Combining fishy activities with top hotels in London is sure to make for an amazing trip.

Rising to the surface every five hours or so to breathe, there are also green sea turtles. These are graceful creatures that can be seen drifting through the subtropical and tropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The fascinating seahorses are also incredibly charming, and have adapted perfectly to their environment after taking over 40 million years to evolve.

Housed in a meticulously created, icy home, the London Sealife Aquarium is also home to a colony of Gentoo penguins. The Cuban crocodiles are also well-worth seeing. These are the most aggressive and intelligent of their species in the world, but sadly, they're also the most endangered, having been hunted almost to extinction for their beautiful, lustrous skin.

The Sealife centre isn't the city's only aquarium. Guests at hotels in London can take a trip to London Zoo, which was the first institution in the world to establish an aquarium, and has been open to the public since 1853. With the world's largest seahorse breeding programme and conservation programmes as far-reaching as the Philippines and as local as the Thames Estuary, the aquarium carries out vital research and conservation projects.

Fish rescue is also important at the zoo. Creatures like catfish, tambaqui and pirapitinga are often bought by people for their home fishtanks. However, they soon find that they're unable to care for the fish when they grow larger, and their pets end up finding a home in the ZSL Big Fish Tank. There are many hotels across the city to choose from for anyone looking to enjoy some of the best fish activities in the city.

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