Fly Clear is Your Answer to Getting Through Airport Security

by Michael O'connell

Ever since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 getting through the airport has become very challenging. It is easy to comprehend why airport security is very detailed in their security checks, and why the process takes so long. It is mandatory for our airports to make sure that every passenger on every flight that hits the air has gone through specific security protocol and do not present a risk to anybody on the plane. There are a lot of people who fly all the time, many people take multiple flights a day, while traveling for business purposes. CLEARme is an up and coming company that is working to transform the airport experience for its members and allow them to "fly clear."

CLEARme is an impressive business idea and can eventually become a tremendous resource to people who fly frequently. This program is a membership based identification program which enables its members to easily pass through airport security lines. In the past CLEAR was operated in 18 different airports, but its operations were ceased in June of 2009. The business was bought from bankruptcy in May of 2010 and was officially re-launched in November of 2010. The service service is offered in 4 International Airports at the moment but more and more airports are projected to pick up the service and offer CLEAR airport security.

CLEAR is making it easy for frequent flyers to go through the airport with ease. The process to become a CLEAR member is not difficult. There is a $179 annual fee and a two-step application that you must complete in order to "fly clear." For the first step of the application, personal and biographical questions are asked, and the applicant is required to provide their social security number, driver's license number, and their current address as well as any other address they may have had in the past five years. After this part of the application is processed and an applicant is accepted into the CLEAR program they are then required to complete the second part of the application. This part asks applicants to go to a CLEAR Enrollment Station, where they will meet with a CLEAR attendant who checks their passport or government issued ID, takes their picture, and also captures images of their irises and fingerprints.

Once the second step of the application is finished you will receive your CLEAR card. This card is a high-tech card that allows members to access designated airport security fast lanes. When you have a CLEAR card, you step up to the security line and insert your card into a biometrics machine that will verify your fingerprints and iris by having you look into the kiosk and place your index finger on a scanner, they will also check a photo ID. Once you are confirmed by the system, you are taken to the front of the security line and allow you to quickly go through the metal detector and proceed to your gate. Having a CLEAR card will make your airport experience a lot better and will allow you to fly clear.

Flying is pretty easy once you board the plane. You just sit on the plane and either sleep, read, watch TV, or do whatever else to keep you busy while you are in the air. It is the process of getting through the airport and onto the plane that is the stressful part of flying. It is easy to understand why it takes a long time to get through security and why they are as thorough as they are, but it is still annoying for people especially if they are flying with kids. CLEARme makes this process much easier. They also offer a family rate where you can add your spouse to your membership for just $50. Children under 18 are also eligible to go through for free. CLEARme is now allowing a family of four to easily and quickly get through an airport and onto their plane.

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