Fly Clear of Airline Distractions

by Greg Diener

Everyday thousands of Americans get on airplanes each day with the hope of getting to their vacation destination. Many people love to travel the friendly skies and relax for a few hours with all their worries of their everyday life behind them as they start a fantastic adventure. However, for some people the idea of just getting on an airplane and trying to fly clear can be a nightmare.

I can talk as a guy who is not a enthusiast of being on airplanes. I have to always panic about dangers when it comes to terrorism and security issues at the airport. I do not like having to be presented with being frisked at security because of the chance I could be a terrorism hazard when it is clear that I am going to do nothing inappropriate on the flight. While I understand this something that needs to be done in these unsure times, I do not like being dealt like dirt in the rare instance when I get on a plane.

I am not a person who has ever been happy trying to be on flights, due to me being always worried that something unforeseen is going to occur on my plane ride. Getting lambasted by the people at the TSA on my plane ride before I board, when I have it is imperative for me to get to the place I need to go, is something I do not want. Whenever I see or know a person who has had a problem with security at the airport it makes me never want to get on another plane ride.

But for airline travelers there are more practical solutions that are coming into play that may assist airline travelers be more comfortable in getting on plane flights. CLEAR is a program that is currently being offered at a certain number of airports presently. The service permits a person for a certain yearly fee to offer their biometrical records stored on a card allowing them to use it at a select airport kiosk. The person runs the card and it permits the person to get through airport security letting them know that the person is secure to get on the plane.

I feel that we need to have more methods being utilized to help people travel the air safely and adequately. CLEAR I feel is a great start to help fix the predicaments we are having regarding security concerns at the airport. I think if programs that are coming out like CLEAR are included at more airports, I would reflect on trying to get onto a flight thanks to programs like CLEAR because I would feel like my security was truly being managed as a concern. I want to get onto a flight trying to reach my vacation hotspot while not being afraid about having my safety sacrificed as an average citizen. Hopefully, one day we will reach that mark.

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