Fly Clear Using Clear me Today

by Brent Neenan

Due to the tragedies of September 11th, 2001 the United States airports began improving airport security procedures to keep everyone as safe as humanely possible. In the departments such as the TSA were put together to assist in implementing more thorough security procedures. To fight back the long lines of security though came; the creation of Clear Me. Though it flopped once before in 2009; it's back for a second chance and its financiers plan on sticking around this time.

What makes Clear Me so excellent is that it gives its members the privilege of quickly and efficiently passing through the first level of security by simply displaying a personal biometric ID at the right checkpoints. It's not going to get someone passed all the checkpoints but it's projected to cut down an individual's wait time about 20 to 30 minutes.

Because Clear Me acts as a security measure in and of itself a person can't just carelessly; sign up for the service. In order to participate; you must pass a series of security steps which includes passing a LexisNexis background check, offering up a fingerprint and iris scan and provide several government issued IDs. Finally once saying yes to an annual fee of less than $200 and obtained your biometric ID card you will have access to the benefits of Clear Me.

Even though the services you obtain from Clear Me are precise and clear cut some people still do not trust it's really worth it. For the overpriced and continuous annual fee it's really only saving you 20 or 30 minutes each trip. A few may believe that money would be better spent elsewhere but for others the benefits fly clear of uselessness so to learn more about Clear Me; simply research the product today.

Regardless of whether or not you believe Clear Me is worth the price; it will soon be coming to an airport near you again. You can either; stay in line like a zombie waiting hours to wait more or you can jump on the band wagon and get yourself a Clear Me pass.

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