Flyclear and the Tips to Make It Easier

by Rob Sutter

It seems like the minds who truly understand speediness and competence are giving their tips in regards to making the most out of a flight. Tim Ferriss, who wrote "The 4-Hour Workweek," has provided a series of tips that will help make your time traveling in air that much easier and you may just get a bit of work done in the process as well. The flyclear method is already a helpful tool in order to shave a great amount of time that would have been wasted otherwise. Throw in some helpful secrets and that's when flying has never been simpler.

Reported by Ferriss, there are 11 CLEAR Travel Tips in total and some of them may come off as givens. However, they are no less significant than those you may not have recalled. For example, bringing non-digital articles like work or a periodical is important so that you can be productive whether taking off or landing. Some airports may not allow the use of cell phones, so it's good to have something to work on so that the time passes by faster. This is one of the fly clear tips that may come off as evident.

Security lines are easily one of the largest gripes of any airport process and it's the sole reason why the flyclear system was found. When it comes to examining, make sure that you remove any outerwear like jackets and scarves, along with luminous articles such as watches. Cell phones should also be placed to the side before proceeding with the screening. While it's yet another tip that may come off as obvious to most, it's important since you don't want to throw away any further time prior to boarding the plane.

Companies such as Starwood Hotels offer benefits for those who apply for their membership programs and if said programs are used enough times, the good can be reaped. Loyalty points are rewarded from these large companies and one company that I had experience with such a program is the Borders bookstore. While it's currently out of business, Borders would typically allow a free drink from its cafe after five drinks or so are bought at their normal costs. There's no doubt that the incentive is there and you are rewarded once you put the accumulated points to use so make sure you do so once you land.

You can see that these are just a short number of tips that need to be thought about once you're on the fly clear boulevard of sorts. The aforementioned tips are ones that I'm sure you see as obvious, as if they're no-brainers. What it comes down to is that these make your flights run that much more smoothly. When you use your CLEARcard, boarding a plane after getting through a nearly nonexistent security line is about five minutes. What will a few added tips on your part hurt?

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