For Those Who Love River Camping

by Agnes Franco

If you have time to spare and would want to do something different, Altamaha river camping would be something that you can try. This activity is very fun especially when you love the outdoors. For those who have never done this before, it would help if they will take note of things that they should remember.

To ensure your safety and comfort, you have to be very careful with how you will set up your tent. This has to be sealed and free from holes to keep you safe when it is raining. The tent should be placed somewhere that can protect it from floods.

You should also pay attention to your food and how you will store them. Meat and frozen products should be kept cool at all times to prevent from spoiling. Secure your snacks and other kinds of food so they will not attract animals.

Do not forget the importance of packing the right set of clothing and footwear. For this kind of trip, wear something comfortable and can give added protection from the sun and insects. It is also very helpful to bring your sunglasses, insect repellent lotion, sunscreen, a hat, and some extra clothes.

Once you are all settled in, you should not get into the habit of jumping into the water no matter how inviting it is. This is because there might be rocks, trees, and other things that can injure you once you will jump in the water. It would help to wade the water first just to be safe.

Campers should also respect the rules and regulations of the place. They should only camp and stay in the place that is designated for them. This is to be followed especially when there are fishermen in the place as well.

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