Four Things To Do South Of The Border

by Adrian Fletcher

Going to south of the boarder? If you have your eyes on Mexico, then here are four things that you simply need to try. Read on to learn more.

Arrecife Palancar

Unless of course you want to see some snow, then the beach is top of the list on any vacationers plan. But if you desire to do more than just get a good tan, you could dive the oceans at Arrecife Palancar. Around one mile away from Cozumel, divers from all over the world make their way here. It brags of a 230 foot visibility, which makes it just ideal for those who come packed with their waterproof cams. If you are a rather the pro when it comes to diving, then you may go as low as 80 feet, but if you are a first timer, the Palancar Gardens which is at the north side of the reef offers much more shallow waters to explore.

Vallarta Adventures

From the great blue ocean to the trees up high, if you have a crave for adventure, then head on down to Nayarit and do the extreme with the Vallarta Adventures. Glide from tree to tree and zip away while being surrounded in nature. A lot of fun and educational at the same time, the tour comes with a guide to teach you all about the ecosystem you glide above. This area has something for everybody with zip lining, speed boating, mule rides, off road tours, swimming with the dolphins to name a few.

Tequila Express

When you need a break, the Tequila Express is a nice change. Take shot after shot right from Guadalajara up to the Hacienda de San Jose del Refugio. The train won't be the only one chugging along. To make things even more fun, you will be drinking to the music of a live mariachi band. When you get there, you will see the museum, have a guided tour of where Tequila Herrandura is made, then finish up with a real mexican meal.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

When it comes to partying, The Cabo Wabo Cantina at Cabo, San Lucas is the perfect spot. Consider things, the owner, after all, is Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. Furthermore, if you happen to be there when he is around, you could actually go home with an autograph or a picture of sorts. Best keepsake ever! You might just get the chance party like a rock star with an actual rock star down at Cabo.

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