Fun Places To Visit In Unique NYC

by Ladonna Franklin

There are so many great places to visit in unique NYC. Visitors can easily fill a day, week or month. This amazing city is one of the greatest and most exciting places on earth and is a perfect destination for a truly memorable vacation. Even for a short break, there will be plenty to keep even the most curious person entertained.

New York City is famous the world over as the city that never sleeps. Days and nights are both filled with non stop entertainment. No matter what you may be looking for, it will be there. Not to mention some things even the most adventurous visitor may not have thought of.

Many people visit the city for entertainment. There are all the best Broadway shows and concerts. Yet many smaller theaters offer wonderful shows and performances. A quick on line search will yield so many choices that will be something for every taste. Many entertainers find their niche whilst performing in a unique production in the city. It is a great way for anyone interested in acting to get an idea of all the opportunities available in this field.

Central Park is one of the locations that almost everyone visits. Yet many people do not know about one of the hidden gems of the park, Belvedere Castle. This castle is really just a folly, a whimsical building for no purpose other than amusement and entertainment. The upper floors offer great views of the park and city and visitors can learn about the recent uses of the castle, including its work as a weather station.

Food is another thing that has more than enough to offer the traveller. One of the best ways to find something really special is to visit the street food vendors. Many of the vendors are recent arrivals from abroad who bring their cuisine with them. Most will be happy to chat with their customers, about everything from recipes to the weather. This is a great way to meet some of the most interesting people in the city.

One thing that New York City does really well is parades. Some of the most famous are the Saint Patrick's Day parade in March. Everyone turns out decked from head to toe in green for this fun day of celebrating everything Irish. Thanksgiving is another uniquely New York event. Huge inflatables, made just for the occasion are walked carefully down the packed city streets. The Chinese New Year parade gives everyone the opportunity to see the beautiful art and culture of this amazing country.

One of the most unique and spectacular of all New York events is the parade. There are many amazing parades that are found no where else in the country. The biggest and most colorful is probably the annual Thanksgiving parade when giant inflatables carefully make their way through the city streets to the delight of spectators of all ages. Some of the others that are worth a visit are the Saint Patrick's Day parade when everything green is the order of the day and the wonderfully vibrant Chinese New Year parade.

Finding really unique NYC things to do and places to visit is not difficult. Anything from making your own custom jewelry to visiting a small and specialized museum, there are events to suit every age and interest. Many of them are no more expensive than there better known counterparts. In fact, some of them can be the best bargains in town.

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