Getting Driving Directions Just Got Cheaper

by Richard L

There are many web services that provide free online mapping solutions, most of these sites offer free accurate driving directions, and directions for other modes of transportation as well. However, there are other solutions that are also powerful, but they usually cost a lot of money, a good example is GPS, which forces users to buy devices and pay monthly fees for their service.

Thank God we now have technology and the internet, which allows us to have access to free internet mapping sites like Google Maps, Map Quest, Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps. All of these sites and many others provide turn by turn driving directions that anyone can use at any time, no matter where they are for free. These services also offer other useful information like weather information, current road conditions, and traffic data.

Most of these online mapping services also provide free mobile apps that will turn your mobile phone into a GPS. For example, Mapquest has a great free mobile application that's available for both Android and iOS devices, the app even offers voice guided driving directions, a feature that will definitely make your trip a lot safer.

Google Maps also has its own free mobile app, which also offers GPS navigation to your destination, it also allows you to search for places and get local information, plus many more amazing features such as 3d maps, indoor maps, street view images, offline maps, and even offers near you.

I mentioned Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps earlier, they are both great, in fact, Bing Maps is one of my favorite online mapping services, the bird's eye view is quite stunning, and their maps and directions are also very impressive. Most big companies, stores, restaurants, and even banks use the Bing Maps API to create location applications for their websites.

There are probably thousands of websites out there that provide free driving directions, I've tried most of them, but I honestly believe that the best are the four sites that I mentioned in this article. If you don't believe me, then visit each one of these sites and try them out.

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