Going On A Whale Watch While On Vacation

by Shari Swanson

As one of the best places in New England to whale watch Boston is a great travel destination. During much of the year, a tourist can catch a glimpse of one or more different types of species that are prevalent in the area.

From April to October, many companies that provide tours will guarantee that patron will spot these majestic creatures. Although some believe the warmer months offer more opportunity, they are abundant throughout the entire period.

The most prevalent types to catch sight of are the Minke, Finback and Humpback varieties. But, a lucky sightseer might also catch a glimpse of a Right or Sei variety occasionally.

There are numerous tours available in the port near Boston. Many offer several different lengths and boats to choose from. The catamaran and two- to three-hour tours are the most popular.

It is recommended that vessels not come within 100 feet of these creatures, or to go near them after dark, as this is unsafe. Although boats can travel with speed to destination points, they should slow to under 13 knots when approaching a pod and coming within two miles out or less. If within 600 feet, it should slow to seven knots or less.

Right whales are protected by both state and federal law. The operator of a vessel should take care to maintain a safe distance of 500 yards or more when taking a tour out. If at any point a person sees any wildlife entangles in a net, he should call the Coast Guard.

Going on a whale watch in Boston can be a great way to see some of the most majestic creatures of the ocean. Make sure to choose a tour that is mindful of safety guidelines. It is almost guaranteed a person will catch at least a glimpse.

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