Golf Cart Rentals On Vacation Is A Lot Of Fun!

by Jimbo Rusley

Renting a golf cart while on the island is a great way to get your vacation started off the right way. You can pay for it online and have it delivered to your hotel of your vacation rental.

If you rent some sort of golf cart online you won't need to waste time trying to locate a rental agency that has one available for you. Sometimes the rental agencies can be bought out in peak time or it might take a long time to walk around and find prices and check which kind you prefer.

If done in advance, you will not need to bring a lot of cash with you, or spend time going to the ATM and worrying about exchange rates and how much it ends up really costing you in the end.

Another huge benefit is having it delivered to your hotel or your vacation rental home. Once you arrive at your vacation rental, it can be waiting for you or can be delivered shortly after your arrival. That's a nice advantage so you can get on your golf cart and head to the grocery store or liquor store or wherever you want to go on Isla Mujeres.

If you want a large one, that it usually costs more. A large one would have 4 sets facing forward and a place to put stuff on the back kind of like a luggage rack.

You can use your golf cart to go to the Mayan ruins on the South Point or to go to North Beach or you can go to some of the cool beach clubs or even drive into the main downtown area and have a great meal and one of the great restaurants on the island. It is a lot more fun than taking a taxi everywhere you go and it is always easy to park as well. It's a great start to your vacation to have a golf cart!

Your family will really enjoy having one while on vacation. It will really help you to have a great vacation on the island.

Remember, when you rent your golf cart on Isla Mujeres, you need a valid drivers license from any where in the world. Your rental will include fuel and insurance. You are responsible for any damages to your golf cart while on Isla Mujeres, so make sure to take good care and enjoy your vacation!

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