Grupo Mayan and Its Efforts at Eco-friendliness

by Galen Gregorio Nguyen

Have you grown sick of the traditional cheap vacations hotels often provide? Luckily, customers now have a wider selection. Ecotourism is the fastest rising market in the tourism industry, and the trend is apparent in the wealth of resorts and hotels that offer earth-friendly features nowadays.

Today, more and more people want to have unique experiences and connect with nature - and not only shop for souvenirs. The clientele are asked to participate in a kind of outreach that benefits the environment (and thus, themselves) while being provided the means to slough off the troubles afflicting them. More and more people are getting interested in this type of tourism.

One country gaining a reputation here is Mexico. A good number of Mexican hotels are being seen to accede to the demands of environmentalists these days. More and more hotels following the trend are being seen in the country.

An internationally-recognized environmental certification and management program, EarthCheck is trusted by market leaders in the travel and tourism industry. A hotel resort awarded with EarthCheck certification means that it complied with the standards set by the program for sustainable tourism. At the moment, it is considered vital to get the certification of EarthCheck.

The famous Grupo Mayan resorts chain has already demonstrated that environmental business practices can be profitable. The chain is known for having made a strong switch to only sustainable practices in the 1970's. Their properties in Acapulco, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Penasco follow stringent waste and energy conservation procedures, air and noise residuals, and practice sustainability methods.

It is also certified by the aforementioned EarthCheck. A heavy process of auditing takes place before EarthCheck certification is obtained. By being EarthCheck-certified, it ensures that the hotels are beneficial not only to the local community and economy but to the environment as well.

Furthermore, the group possesses some resorts considered to be part of En Advance. This alliance is a group of organizations that help to preserve the local resources, environment, and species. For example, many types of turtle use spots on the coast as breeding grounds, and En Advance's aim is to protect them.

It is in the laying of eggs that the turtles are most noticeable and often vulnerable, as they often come to beaches owned by resorts. From October up to December, freeing of baby turtles becomes one of the biggest activities of guests. Not only is it well-received by customers, it helps hotel chains show their customers how to properly interact with nature.

The resorts of the Mayan group have very environmentally-sound operating rules. Though it provides the best in all things for clients, a Mayan resort also typically encourages strong conservation, as in water usage. The company's personnel are shown as well how to use company equipment without wasting power.

The beauty of companies like Grupo Mayan, as you can see on the Grupo Mayan Facebook page, is that they know how to balance green business tactics with traditional commercial techniques. They even work to bring down the amount of garbage produced per room every year. They are known for getting on the bandwagon whenever a green technology comes out, applying it quickly to their hotels.

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