Grupo Mayan and the Factors That Go Into Evaluating Hotels

by Garth Butler

The term luxury equates to different meanings to different people. But when it comes to classifying hotels as luxurious, most people would have the same judgments. Here are then eight factors that make a great luxury hotel.

1. Services - There is no doubt that customer service is given prime importance in all luxury hotels. The best establishments will permit you to go to them for just about all demands you can think of. They should also be capable of doing a little more than what is outlined in the contract when possible and necessary.

The bedding itself is a primary consideration in this matter. Both cushions and pads should be soft enough for comfort while being firm enough for proper spinal support. There are even establishments who do research on your preferred buds and put a sprig of them on your sheets for a little personalization.

A true luxury establishment also boasts superb bathing areas. Top establishments offer wonderfully-designed baths and showers with their rooms. They also have to offer free products like shampoos and soaps for convenience.

Luxurious hotels have luxurious possibilities for your mealtime too. The clients can have wildly varying palates, which is why many of the five-star facilities have not just one but several kitchens and restaurants available for taking orders (you can learn more about this sort of thing by studying Grupo Mayan's tactics). Dining options should also not be limited to restaurants but extend to buffets, cafes and even specialty restaurants from casual to fine dining.

The establishment is also expected to provide different modes and means of whiling away time for the consumer. Swimming pools, 24 hour gyms, spas, saunas and even game rooms all dominate the list of luxury hotel amenities. Staying in a hotel does not entail always staying inside your room but also exploring what the hotel has to offer.

6. Concierge - Frequent hotel guests know that the concierge can be a guest's best friend during a hotel stay. Guest services or the concierge can make arrangements for dinner reservations, city tours or even ticket acquisitions. The front desk is there to provide comfort, after all, and it has to do it by any means possible.

Another major element to consider is that of the appeal of the facilities themselves. A good many persons are prone to selecting accommodations based on the physical appeal of the rooms. The smallest detail matters here, and the best hotel chains know that.

A number of persons also choose lodgings based on where the facility is located. The best establishments tend to be located in fairly secure areas. They can turn to a variety of methods, from patrolling to CCTV, to help clients feel more secure.

Although luxury appeals to different tastes, most consumers agree that there are hotel features that must meet a certain criteria, just as Grupo Mayan hotels see it. There is a certain level of consensus here on what makes the best hotel the best. The hotel must always be one that is able to provide great experiences for customers to be considered a good hotel.

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