Holidays For The Youngsters - Club Med

by Pedro Murray

Membership Mditerrane --"Club Med"--is a sequence of resorts based in France, based on the concept that the workers should make pals and easily affiliate with the guests. Their Sandpiper location is two hours from both Orlando or Miami, and was designed to be the proper "family friendly resort" Club Med location.

The rooms are fantastic for a family. They're roomy and comfortable, with giant closets and quick access to washer and dryer, and even a sitting space with couch and chairs.

Sandpiper presents specific rooms and programs for every age group. Infants, one year olds, two year olds, three, and many others; each one has a room dedicated and a program suited to them. There's even a "Baby Bottle Room," open 24 hours and stocked to handle any kid's snack requests.

For walkers as much as two years, there are actions like Bubbles Walk and Swing and Slide. Two and three year olds are helped with Plaster Hands, Magic Show, and Discovery Walk.

4 to seven year olds can take pleasure in hat making, trampoline, and the Sandpiper 500, while eight to 10 year olds get to start on rollerblading, waterskiing, and tubing (waterskiing on an interior tube). And eleven to seventeen year olds can take pleasure in trapeze, golf, tennis, sailing and more; simply check the activities checklist posted daily.

Each week, the kids join in for a Mini Club stage show, complete with costumes and lighting. And each night, the kids hop into pedal vehicles for the nightly Sandpiper 500 race.

Oh, and there's stuff for the adults, too. Tennis, trapeze, trampoline, waterskiing, Disco Yoga, cruising, and golf are all available. There's also the Siesta Club, where Sandpiper employees will sit with kids from 8pm to 1am whereas the grownups get out of the hotel room.

All in all, there aren't too many places more family-oriented than Membership Med Sandpiper.

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