Hotel Discounts

by Anna Fernandez

The typical evening at a hotel in the United States costs $ 100. It's a challenge to locate economical hotel rates. The rate is even higher when you add in the occupancy and other taxes, and of course any type of extras such as room service or Wi-Fi in the room. However, it is feasible to conserve cash the next time you need to reserve a room and hardly anyone ever pays the rack rate, the hotel's official nightly rate, which is posted in each room.


When you travel makes a huge difference in the price of the hotel room. Hotels typically raise their prices at peak times or during sporting occasions, college graduations and local festivals and additional events, as they know that all their rooms will be full.

Hotels in cities where conventions are popular, such as Las Vegas, also raise the cost of their accommodations during these times. Hotels in cities that cater mostly to business travelers are typically less full at the weekend and offer a better price then.

Contact A Person

Scheduling your lodging online is one strategy to conserve cash on your room, although it also pays you to call the hotel directly to ask about prices. Speaking to a person means that you can request a lower price, especially if you are booking at the last minute; hotels want their rooms occupied and do not want spoilage, or unsold rooms.

Always call the property direct to inquire about a rate, rather than the hotel chain's toll free number. In general, if you are calling a hotel on the evening that you wish to check in, your chances of getting a lower rate are a lot greater.

Get That Discount

You can locate hotel discounts almost everywhere. Make sure you ask about any discounts when you book your hotel reservation. Military, AAA and senior discounts are the most commonly given, and the desk personnel often offer these accommodation discounts even if you do not qualify.

Some hotels have a corporate discount, which is often given arbitrarily, and some hotels offer discounts or upgraded rooms if you belong to the frequent flier program they are associated with. Buying a package deal that consists of airfare and accommodations is frequently more economical in popular tourist locations such as Hawaii, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Location, Location, Location

The right location can save you cash on accommodation too. Instead of staying in pricey Manhattan, think about staying across the river in New Jersey and spending up to 50 percent less on your room. In general, airport hotels are generally more economical, and still offer very easy access to downtown.

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