If you want to Flyclear of Airport Security, Consider Clear Me

by Brent Neenan

When Clear Me was spawned in 2003 the belief behind it was to basically reduce wait times and long lines at airports. After the events of 9/11 there became a nationwide push to increase airport security to help prevent such tragedies from taking place again. Departments such as the TSA were created and advanced "naked" scanners were put into use. Traveling by air though became a dangerous hassle and so Clear Me was created to maintain security while reducing the problems with longer lines and greater wait times.

Because Clear Me is considered to be an additional security feature it isn't so easy for just everybody to sign up for it. In order to become a subscriber an individual must provide several pieces of vital information. These pieces of information include supplying multiple forms of government ID, passing a LexisNexis background check and submitting to a fingerprint and iris scan. Once all of the criteria has, been fulfilled the member then becomes eligible to flyclear of specific airport checkpoints.

Clear Me's service works through the use of biometric identification cards verify the identity of the passenger. By providing the card at specific checkpoints a person can expect to cut their travel time down approximately 30 minutes. Though the potential seemed promising the company folded a few years later only to be picked up again several years later. It is still in dispute whether the service costing around $200 yearly is worth the payoff.

Though Clear Me was created in 2003 the entire operation was shut down in only a handful of years, even with a subscription base of 200,000 people. A new group of investors have now picked up the concept for another try. With some luck in honoring the old memberships Clear me hopes to surpass the expectations of the people who believe it will fail.

Regardless what the future holds for Clear Me services, it's obvious that it offers a double purpose. It helps to preserve the integrity of security at airports while initiating a more effective way to run the security process. Don't be a fool and pretend you enjoy standing in security lines think about Clear Me so you too can fly clear of the taxing lines at the airport.

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