Indoor Holiday Activities to Stay out of the Sun

by Steve Alexander

Remember these indoor activities that will keep you and the rest of your family out of the sun if you're visiting one of the following popular summer hot spots - even if it's just for an hour or two.

A lot of money has been spent developing places like Dubai and Egypt into tourist-friendly destinations, so holidays to Arab countries are fantastic. As well as the sun, they are now able to fully cater for those drawn in by their rich and interesting history. The heat of the desert can be overpowering though and not everyone wants to spend their days there.

Hitting the shops is probably the best thing you can do if you're an adult and you find yourself getting a bit too hot. Or the luxury spas are also a great option. The outdoor markets (many of which are in the shade) is where some of the best shopping can be had, and there is also the famous Tunis City Mall which spans over 12,000 square feet with over 80 brand outlets alone.

The best way to stay entertained when holidaying in other sunny destinations such as Morocco or Sharm el Sheikh is to try to stay at a hotel resort which offers plenty of indoor as well as outside space. Family hotel suites are ideal because, should you find yourself needing a rest from the harsh sun, there is plenty of space to play indoors.

You don't want to over-exert kids with physical games when travelling to hot places. To keep them amused without prompting them to over-heat, it is very important to take the likes of drawing materials and board/card games with you. Adults on holiday will also want to take books and music players with them in order to relax when they're keeping out of the sun.

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