Jacksonville's Natural Sites and Habitats

by Elden Rosen

St John's River

The Green Scene and Other Natural Features of Jacksonville

Thoughts of Jacksonville natural landmarks bring to mind sunlight, oranges, and miles of Atlantic beaches, but there are natural hidden treasures in addition to the shore. From The Bluffs to Bone yard beach, Jacksonville is the number one place stay for easy accessibility to natural landmarks in Jacksonville both in the heart of the town and in all the surrounding areas. There is so much to see and explore.

Guana Pine State Park and Wildlife Management

Guana State Park is one of Florida's most stunning Natural Landmarks. To truly capture the wealth of wonder this town holds one must really step foot on the grounds of this memorizing State Park. Take a walk or go hunting in the chosen areas of the park. Explore the flatwoods and overlooks of the Tolomato River. There are marshes teaming with wildlife, and so much more. See the orange shades of the Coquina Rock which are formations from the ice age, and totally unique to the area due to Jacksonville's red clay! Take it nice and easy, go fishing or shelling on the shell bluff. Put the boat in the water and fish for a while. There are so very many superb things worth doing here. It is hard to go.

The Talbot Islands

Both Little Talbot Island and Big Talbot Island State Reserve natural landmarks in Jacksonville hold natural marvels that talk directly to the heart. On tiny Talbot Island there are the dune ridges excellent for hiking, fauna in its own undeveloped habitat, indescribably majestic scenery, sea marshes and much more. While on Enormous Talbot you've got the Massive Pine Trail, The Black Rock Trail and Jones Cut Trail which should take you through the Maritime Forest. When visiting these islands you will be taken back to a simpler time when things were less complicated and life consisted of living in nature and taking in all it has to offer, you shouldn't miss visiting these islands.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

The Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is about 17 miles from Jacksonville where shelling and surfing are common activities. The park is on 450 acres with 1.5 miles of beach. There is one more lovely beach, shaded RV spots, showers, and bike or hike trails.

St. Johns River

One can not mention Jacksonville without discussing St Johns River. It is known to the locals as the Jacksonville Brook. There are no sellers, it has security, masses of places to eat or shop, and holds the most breathtaking views of the sunrise known to occupy. It is a clean, safe place to partake of fishing, snorkeling, on the water activities or to just amble along the river-walk. Be sure to not miss coming here for the day!

The Florida Caverns State Park

Jacksonville natural landmarks consists of lush plant life, attractive brooks and beaches. With roughly an hours drive thru some astounding views The Florida Caves is a total must see. It's a state park in Mariana, Florida that's habitat to everything from Manatees to a bobcat. They offer tours of the caves, full of fantastic formations, and located off the Chipolia River. There are clean water Springs, it's just fantastic. It is teaming with wild life and plant life. This is a place that becomes in part a chunk of a mans soul. There are plenty of activities like camping and horse riding. There is actually a golfing course for a holiday from the vacation. The experiences will last a life time. Assured an expedition is waiting for the whole family, but reservations have to be made beforehand, so don't forget!

Coquina Rock Formations

Saint Augustine, Florida is neighbor to Jacksonville and is legendary for natural beauty and excitement. Here lies the Coquina Rock Formations formed of fossils and shells, Unlike Coral which are a cousin to the jellyfish and catalogued as marine life, the holes in the Coquina Rock are where trees essentially attempted to take root and grow. White wonderful beaches and marshes lie in the mist of this superb place.

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