Luxury Argentina Travel Ideas For Extreme Explorers

by Allan Bigarda

Vaya Adventures tailor tours in Argentina that adapt to every traveler's need. It's an ideal option for people who enjoy a taste of luxury. The culture and scenery here are rich and ideal for cruises and hikes. They're best seen with the knowledge of a guide who introduces the history of each area seen.

There are a number of excellent boutique hotels in the region, particularly in the wine lands. The country has a rich history with monuments to journey through. Sites to see in Buenos Aires include Uruguay, a colonially designed heritage site. There are biking opportunities around the Tigre.

Travelers will enjoy hiking around Iguaza falls. A national park close by can be hiked through guided or alone. The falls can be seen from an alternative vantage point in Brazil, where the scenery changes and boating becomes an option.

The hub of the wine country is in Mendosa, which has Andean scenes. The vineyards are perfect for walks and visitors are given the opportunity to taste some of the wines produced locally. A more formal wine tasting adventure that lasts throughout the day can be had at the Uco Valley. This is the most famed wine region in the area.

Tourists can walk all the way into the Andes from Aconcagua. It's dotted with towns and has its own national park. Hikes can be tailored for easy, moderate or challenging climbs.

The national park at Torres Del Pane is a relaxed hiking opportunity and guided trails can be structured for predetermined lengths of time. The glacier and mountain trails have beautiful scenery. This is an area that can be done on horseback, but it demands overnight stays that require a longer tour.

The Glacier of Perito Moreno can be seen from far off by all but people can also take a simple hike closer for a superior view. Difficult hikes can be chosen in this area. There is a Patagonian traditional rural ranch to stay at called Estancia, and it's a truly authentic experience.

Horseback riding and hiking can be done at one's leisure. Many hiking trails allow staff to select according to guests' wishes. The energetic few can hike to Upsala Glacier. Boating can be a more serene experience at Estancia Cristina.

One can also see Patagonia on a small cruise ship. It has waterways that pass channels and glaciers. One disembarks at various points to do some hikes. Glacier alley is a famed area for its beauty and rarity.

Glacier Alley is a rare sight few have been lucky enough to view. It's at the very southern tip of South America. The Beagel channel takes visitors to Pia Bay, an excellent viewing spot of the Pia Glacier. Cape Horn National Park is in the vicinity and is rich with myth.

The area was a famed place for shipwrecks in the 1830s. Darwin travelled it and said it looked terrifying enough to make 'landsmen' have nightmares about danger and death for a week. Choppy waters and freezing temperatures were suffered by many seamen there. Vaya Adventures takes tourists to the sight of every 20th century seaman's nightmare.

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