Luxury Tours To Peru And Galapagos To Suit Every Traveler

by Emilia Canale

Luxury tours to Peru and Ecuador's Galapagos Islands offer a world in a single tour. Peru offers a good dose of history through ancient ruins of the Inca tribe, as well as deserts, coastlines, Andes ranges and dense rain forests. The Galapagos Islands offer a contrasting experience encompassed in the tiny islands just off Ecuador's mainland, in the Pacific waters.

Travelers will discover most of the Inca ruins of Peru in the Andes highlands. Close to the colonially designed city of Cuzco, Machu Picchu provides the most spectacular experience of Inca life. Catch a train there, and enjoy a meal on board. There is an entire Inca city made with astonishing masonry out of stone blocks.

Some say Machu Picchu is a religious tribute. Others say it was nothing more than a sanctuary for the tribe. It has a square, houses and warehouses connected by roads and steps. Those who stay at a nearby lodge can return there when the crowds have dispersed to view the ruins alone. It's said that this is the best way to experience them.

The sacred Inca valley of Urubamba can be visited close to Pisac. Pisac is a bustling market managed by the locals. It's a unique shopping experience featuring the wares of locals. The leaders of the nearby areas dress in their traditional garb for a mayoral meeting each Sunday. Inca ruins are dotted in many places near Cuzco, and Ollantaytambo is spoken of most often.

The Old Town is the home of the tomb of Sucre, but it's not freely available for visits. The colonial town created in the 16th century is home to a spectacular church named La Compania. The building was restored to its original glory.

The islands feature plenty of naturalist experiences as well as luxury hotels and sea life. Bartolome Island has its own active volcano and in its locale tourists will spot lava bombs and splatter cones. The habitat is dry and fairly absent of wildlife.

Tower Island may be the most beautiful of all on the Galapagos. There's a coral beach, a forest and an abundance of bird life. The most impressive bird of all on the island is the Great Frigate which puffs out its red chest enormously.

Deep sea diving and snorkeling are best done at James Island. Snorkelers will be able to see starfish and octopus in the tidal pools. The iguanas will be seen when the tide is low. Sea lions live close to the grottoes, and are plentiful due to their new found status off the endangered species list.

The Galapagos' newest island is Fernandina. There are many marine iguanas in the area. Sea lions also dwell here. It, too, has a volcano that's still active and the results of its activity will be seen by visitors.

One of the most amazing naturalist experiences can be enjoyed in Santa Cruz. This is the home of giant tortoises, which congregate during the second half of the year. With all the options available, a package for every personality can be found during luxury tours to Peru.

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