New York City Food Tours

by Ladonna Franklin

In recent years New York City food tours have become increasingly popular. These tours can take visitors around the town to many different restaurants and cafes, or focus on one particular type of ethnic cuisine. They are the perfect way for any visitor to see the sights of one of the most exciting and dynamic cities on earth.

The key to finding the best tour is planning. Spending plenty of time checking out all the options is really the key. There are numerous companies offering a selection of tours. Going on line to search their web sites is the best way to plan. Most are offered as part of a group. Someone looking for a more individualized package should make enquiries.

Many of the tours focus on either a geographical area or a particular ethnic type of food. For example, there may be a walking tour of China Town to take in several different varieties of Chinese cuisine. Foods from different areas can be influenced by different flavors and spices. Other options may focus on Mexican cuisine, and take a cab from one location to another that may be some distance apart. Both of these approaches offer a unique perspective.

There are many opportunities to go behind the scenes are really learn about how the foods are prepared. The chefs can explain where they get their ingredients and what goes into each dish. It is the perfect way to do something really different whilst still seeing all the sights of the city. The guide will point out all the wonderful architecture and cultural sights along the way.

It is great to find a tour that allows children to participate. What better way to be introduced to one of the greatest cities on earth. Finding a tour that focuses on desserts would be a really memorable treat for any child. Tracking down the best New York cheesecake or root beer float would be a dream come true.

Many of the tours are walking, so that the participants can at least feel they are working off a few of those extra calories. In addition to the foods, most guides will point out all the most famous landmarks. There are no shortage of great historic and cultural sites to add to the agenda that will make the tour more interesting.

One of the most iconic eating establishments in the city is a New York diner. These busy restaurants have an amazingly varied menu. They are the perfect representation of the east coast experience. Service is fast, prices are reasonable and portions are generous. No one will is likely to leave filling less that full.

New York City food tours are great fun and offer the chance to see some of the best things the city has to offer. Not only great sights, sounds and smells, but wonderful people, exciting events and best of all some truly memorable foods. Weather you are looking for authentic sushi or the worlds best pizza, there is a tour just for you.

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