On The Road Again With Fifth Wheel Trailers

by Shari Swanson

Mobile campers have long been a popular means of vacationing not only in the United States but throughout the world. As the costs of conventional vacations rise more and more people are turning to owning a these units as an alternative. The introduction of fifth wheel trailers has greatly increased the range of recreational vehicles or RVs available.

The traditional type of unit using one or two axles and the conventional draw bar arrangement has always suffered from a basic instability on the road, subject to cross winds and the tendency to fishtail or swing at even relatively low speeds.

This new type uses an articulated hitch which provides a solid and positive joint between the towing vehicle and the trailer, both units driving like one vehicle. The hitching and unhitching is a simple operation requiring little manual effort while the positive connection between the combination makes reversing easy.

The hitching plate sits in the rear of your pick up and is easily removed allowing the towing vehicle to be used by the family offering a degree of flexibility not found in motor homes or similar units.

Modern design techniques have led these new units to be home from homes, offering a completely flexible range of interior designs that will suit almost every need of the modern vacationer. Showers, cooking facilities and living spaces can all be included and the forward elevated design allows additional comfortable sleeping accommodation. Entertaining your new found friends will add to the overall experience.

When you become a member of the growing family of people who own fifth wheel trailers you too will discover the benefits of flexible vacations and weekend breaks but without the hassle of conventional caravan or motor homes.

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