Options For Diverse Tour Packages With Argentina Adventure Tours

by Hector Calibugar

There are many diverse Argentina tour packages because the country varies so greatly. Whether tourists want to participate in stylish five star travel or hike through icy glacier areas, there are options for each unique person. Look at some of the diverse ideas for itineraries in this section of Latin America.

Patagonia has some of the most exciting high life and wildlife in Argentina. Its glaciers are perhaps its most famous aspect and are titanic enough to shock seasoned tourists into complete silence. Near the Los Glaciares National Park, one can visit the huge Perito Moreno glacier. It's comprised of bits of shifting ice.

The Patagonian wilderness is gated by El Calafate, a culture filled area with many outdoor adventure options. Tourists can take in some pampering before they embark on a trip into the glacier rich areas. This can be done by ship, and the huge Upsala Glacier has become far more accessible because of high tourists demand and the number of ships traveling there.

Cruises can be done in luxury style with staff and amenities to pamper and cook for guests. Many glaciers can only be seen from a distance when travelling by boat, so there are walking excursions offered to those who want to see some of them from a closer vantage point. The boats stop at certain points, allowing tour operators to tailor hikes to every fitness level on arrival.

The Beagle Channel runs towards Buenos Aires through a glacier rich zone traveled by sea. It runs through two settlements called Puerta Williams and Ushaia. The channel received its name from a British ship that did surveys in the early 19th century. It's famed for having been traversed by Darwin, who commented about the severe difficulties of the journey. In those days the waters were too rough for their ships so the world new the channel for its ship wrecks.

Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires, is often named Latin America's Paris. It has outdoor cafes, cobbled roads and excellent shopping, allowing tourists to experience a world class city rich with Latin American culture. Adventurers will want to embark on a trip to Iguaza falls after they've taken part in a few of the cultural activities in the city. A tango show is not to be missed.

Iguaza falls is surrounded entirely by a national park belonging to both Argentina and Brazil. The falls themselves are a world heritage site not to be missed. On the way to the falls the habitat is a tropical one in a rain forest. The Argentina portion of the falls has walkways and boat trips that travel right up to the site. The Brazilian side allows tourists to see the falls in their entirety from a distance.

Mendoza is an area famous for its wine and cuisine. However, nature lovers will enjoy its potential for outdoor adventure and history. It's filled with myth and is legendary as the area where Darwin found many of the fossils he studied. The area has the highest Andes land one can reach by car. Argentina tour packages can include luxury style or a sleeping bag and back back.

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