Peru And Argentina Travel Guide

by Darcy Selvidge

Travellers looking for a once in a lifetime getaway should consider packages to Peru. This stunning south American country has so much to offer the adventurous traveller. There is an incredible diversity of scenery to enjoy. Mountains, coastline and idyllic towns that feel like you have gone back in time to another century. Visitors can almost expect a conquistador to ride around the corner at any moment.

Peru has something to offer every visitor. Those who enjoy the great outdoors will be thrilled with the many opportunities to walk, hike and ride through some of the most impressive scenery on earth. The restaurants have a tremendous variety of fresh foods and are particularly famous for their sea food and steaks. Local wines are usually available and of high quality.

No visit to Peru is complete without seeing Machu Pichu. This incredible site is world famous. Rising into the high Andes, both location and workmanship are breathtaking. The ruined Inca citadel is a unique place. Memories of visiting Machu Pichu will stay with the traveller forever and this is definitely a place to spend some extra time.

Many visitors also visit Cusco, the capital city of the ancient Inca's. It is worth spending some time in this historic area and enjoying the atmosphere of the sacred valley of the Inca's. There are plenty of excellent museums telling the story of the once strong empire and its downfall at the hands of the Spanish conquistadors.

It is not just the amazing Inca monuments that deserve a visit, but the beautiful and vibrant towns that dot the Peruvian landscape. Here the visitor can see how these hardy mountain people go about their daily lives. Many people still make their living by farming and raising livestock. They walk to their local markets each week to buy and sell locally produced goods. This a great opportunity to buy some hand crafted items such as blankets, hats and toys.

Argentina has so much to offer the traveller. There is a beautiful and in places rugged coastline filled with marine wildlife. The sea bird population offers a bird watchers paradise, with the opportunity to see nesting penguins. In land there are majestic mountain ranges and pristine lakes.

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city full of beautiful European inspired architecture. There are many art galleries and museums to showcase the diverse and exciting range of talents the country has to offer. The restaurants are also world famous. They offer everything from local street vendor food eaten by the locals, up to gourmet dinners at city center eateries. A day spent in the countryside surrounding the city will also be a day well spent.

Anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation should think about the packages to Peru. There is a great range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to charming haciendas. The terrain ranges from mist capped mountains, to wild open spaces, and beautiful cities filled with colonial architecture. The people of this beautiful region offer a warm and friendly welcome. All the ingredients of a truly memorable vacation.

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