Pick the Best View with Dubai

by Lily Stanford

Dubai is today the par excellence traveller paradise for its amazing scenic views, sand dunes to make you sigh, and the impressive beaches, among plenty of other things. From the wonderful design to its state-of-the-art shopping malls, Dubai offers you the authenticity of a safe city to go to, attractive in all its elegance, fascinating to find out, and without equal comparison.

There are attractions in Dubai that can not be ignored, not to mention the historic places that are and have been for years , visitor favorites. A good map and a relentless tour plan, will make possible your dream holiday. Visiting Dubai implies not wanting to waste even a second, till you discover to the most concealed treasure is better to have car rental Dubai service for the peace of having your holiday in order. Except for when you hire an automobile you can enjoy all fascinating places as gas cost in the UAE is 2-3 times lower than in several other states. So hire a vehicle and feel the superb atmosphere of Dubai.

What to see, where to go in Dubai? The issue is best answered by looking around and being consistently staggered by what you see. Here, you can visit the Sheikh Al Maktoum House, now a museum, displaying thru the surprising decorations the development and enhancement of the town. Being the previous home of the ruling family of Dubai, the museum is found at the Dubai Stream in Al Shindagha and has its own creative architectural design of classic stories.

Another dazzling place to go to is the unique Grand Mosque. Being an outstanding landmark in Dubai, the Grand Mosque has the tallest minaret in the town. With its beautiful Islamic architecture, this gem worth admiring, is on Bur Dubai side of the creek.

The Dubai Museum, presumed to be the oldest building in Dubai was once a fortress, which defended the town against the attackers and today shelters the whole history of the surprising city, its present and its past. To witness this majestic structure, is to experience Dubai, as exciting as you want. See Dubai your own way, without pressure make yourtime a never ending journey,with car rental Dubai service. With just a glance at the lush and exotic Hotel Burj Al Arab, you get stunned by the marvelous structure imitating a sailing boat. One must appreciate the walk thru the hotel to appreciate it, and bask in its pristine white beach. Considered the sole 7 star hotel worldwide , this is unique must see site you cannot miss.

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