Planning A Beach Wedding In Key West Plan Now And Book

by Peter Estenoz

Beach weddings in the United States proper should be synonymous with Key West, Florida. This location is a breathtaking and serene place, many people liken it to being in paradise. This beauty has made it one of the most sought after places for events like these and thus many wonder: how far in advance should I book my Key West wedding.

The best answer to that burning question is nine months to one year. While this seems like a long time, it is not. During this time, individuals must: decide on the actual date, lock down a venue, find places for their guests to stay and get all the things they will possibly need to make the ceremony a success.

Always start with the date you would like for your ceremony. Avoid picking dates between May and November. During these months, the Keys experience rainy season, lasting from May to October, hurricane season, lasting from June to November and wedding season, lasting from March to June. The best time therefore, is anywhere from December to April. This is the dry season and is often less busy in terms of wedding activity.

After choosing your date it is time to think of your venue and the accommodations of your guests. Book hotel rooms months before to avoid confusion and ensure that all guests confirm early. Finding the venue in the off-season is easy because competition is not as high. There are many beaches on these Keys hence finding the one that suits you will not be hard.

Immediately after finalizing the venue, date and accommodation of guest, start planning the ceremony. Decide what you will source from the Keys and what you will get from other places. If you do the necessary research, you will realize that there are many wedding supplies available there and the need to import is not that great.

You can get almost anything for the ceremony on the Keys. Do not stress about where to find a cake, chairs or decoration, all you should think of is how to get the guests and there clothes there. You may need someone to help you with all the details and thus it is advisable to hire a planner, they more than anyone will know how to pull the ceremony off in a way you will like.

How far in advance should I book my Key West wedding is a question on many a brides mind. The safe answer is book with as much time as you need. Usually, an event such as this can take anywhere from three months to a year to plan. Therefore, that should give the couple all the time they need to think of and fine tune any details before the big day.

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