Planning The Perfect Whale Watching Excursion

by Muriel Noel

Whale watching Plymouth is one way to enjoy the outdoors, the spray of the ocean, and take a chance on seeing some spectacular ocean life. When you properly plan for a day on the high seas, your experience will be much more enjoyable. After all, whale watching is not an everyday activity for most people.

The weather can be your best friend or your worst enemy during your boat trip. If visibility is low, it can render your trip useless, at least for the purpose you had in mind. If the seas are rough during your trip, it can keep you close to the side of your boat getting sick for most of your day trip. Be sure to check the forecast so that there are few to no surprises.

Remember to bring a well stocked tote bag on your day trip. Your bag should be stocked with items that may help you get through any situation that may arise during your trip. Things like extra dry clothes, sunglasses, sunblock, and various forms of entertainment should be packed.

Your tote bag should include a camera. This camera, ideally, should be a better quality than what is included on your phone. Your phone camera is good in a pinch, but it would be most beneficial to have a professional grade camera with you, if you are serious about getting good pictures.

A little research on types of whales you may see in the area would be a good idea. This will help you to make the most out of your experience and to have an idea of what you are seeing. It will also make you a valuable commodity among your other cruisers.

Please keep in mind that your whale watching Plymouth experience may not include seeing whales at all. These cruises make no guarantees at all. Although, it is in the best interest of the cruise company to give you the experience of seeing whales in the water. If you see no whales at all, be thankful for the experience of a great day shared with friends on the water.

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