Planning Travel Choices From Dublin Airport

by Maurice F. Quilligan

Flying to and from Dublin Airport could be a modern and easy experience. Following the opening of their second terminal, even more flight routes have been added permitting easy travel from Eire to the rest of the globe. There is a bunch of different services and facilities available to make your journey more relaxed and more comfy and it's also really easy to get to and from the airport from the town center and somewhere else in the country.

There are at present 2 terminals at the airfield. Terminal one handles all Ryan Air flights plus other major carriers like Lufthansa, BMI, Air Canada and Swissair. Facilities at the terminal include postal services, currency and banking, net access, bags services and baby changing facilities. The new terminal two is for all Aer Lingus, Delta, Continental and American Airlines flights. Facilities on offer here are like those in terminal one.

The airfield flies on over one hundred and 70 routes using over sixty different airlines. They fly to 20 eight places in Britain and over one hundred places in Europe. 9 services fly to America and most of these have good links to the rest of the US and Canada. It's also feasible to fly to Africa and the Middle East.

As is the case with many major airfields there are fantastic shopping facilities at Dublin Airfield. The shopping center is called The Loop and it has stores that sell cosmetics, fashion, foodstuffs, souvenirs, fragrances and necessary travel items, all at great costs. You may even store your purchases for free and pick them up on your way back thru. This is a good way to get what you want without having to carry it around on your travels.

It is possible to get great meals and refreshments in both terminals at the airport. The trattorias and bars are open at all hours with some of the places open full time. This implies that you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks at any time of the day or night according to when your flight is lined up.

When you arrive in Dublin there are a bunch of different methods of travelling onwards. If you're just travelling the short distance into the city center the only option is to take a taxi or to get on one of many buses that go there. If you're travelling elsewhere in Eire you'll need to take a train or hire an automobile. To catch a train you'll need to get into the city center but those wishing to hire an auto can do so at either terminal.

There's masses of accommodation to select from in Dublin. If you are waiting overnight for a connecting flight there are hotels close to the airfield but there are some great places to visit in the city if you're going to be around for some time. There are hotels in varied locations, in different styles with varying costs and sightseeing in the town is easy on foot or by public transport.

Ireland is an amazing destination and a handy spot for stopping over in the middle of the long trip. Dublin Airport is a convenient, modern and well appointed place to take your flights to and from and the facilities are unparalleled.

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