Preparing For Your Visit To Cork Hotels

by Noel P. Collum

Cork is the second largest city in Eire, after Dublin. It is an impressive place to go to, and you will be spoiled choice-wise when it comes to Cork hotels. It is in an island formed by the two channels of the river Lee on the South of Eire. The name of the city comes from the word for 'swamp' in Gaelic. The weather is mild and sometimes rainy, due to the Gulf Stream.

The area has some beautiful sandy beaches. There also are some amazing hills and valleys surrounding the town. This Irish town is a major seaport, as due to its position, ships of any size can dock in its harbor. The main industry in Cork is pharmaceuticals, and some of the best known establishment companies in this field are based there. Cork also has a busy global airport.

Cork has played a crucial part in history. In the sixth century, this settlement was set up by friars. By the tenth century, the Vikings had turned it into one of their trading outposts. In the Middle Ages, this town stayed devoted to the English culture, even though there were hostile Gaelic sectors all around it. Parts of the city walls built around that era are still to be seen today.

In 1491 Perkin Warbeck, who made a claim to be a successor to the crown of Britain, landed in Cork. There he tried to plot to get rid of the English king. As the Black Death took hold in the 14th century, the population of the city suffered a large number of victims. In the early 20th century, the town was a base for the rebels struggling for autonomy from the remainder of the UK. Huge parts of the city were set on fire by the English in December 1920, this came to be known as the burning of Cork.

But the town is now a multinational modern metropolis. People from all over the world have settled there, and you'll be spoiled choice-wise when it comes to dining out, as there are gastronomical pleasures from across the globe. There are decisions of standard shops and modern malls when it comes to shopping. Cork is a centre of rich culture, music, film and theatre.

Cork also has tons to offer regarding culture. You will find music, film and theatre to suit all tastes. There's also a jazz festival held around the end of October, followed by a film festival in early November. If you are keen on the arts, you might want to plan your visit to occur simultaneously with one or both!

There are some pretty historic places to enjoy, for instance, the Red Abbey or the Church Tower of Shandon. The design in its many churches is surprising, and you might need to go to St Finbarr's or St Mary's Cathedral. There are, of course, plenty more to make a choice from.

Whatever you plan to do, a visit to this bustling Western european town could be a wonderful experience. Cork hotels supply accommodation suited to all tastes and budgets. You will surely want to return again.

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