Private Jet Charters a Big Time Saver

by Ellie Craft

There are lots of different reasons that companies and individuals use private charter flights. While saving time is probably the number 1 reason to fly privately there are other reasons to consider a charter flight the next time you fly. Here are a few other things to consider.

With most commercial aviation you also don't get to choose who sits next to you. It may be a heavy smoker or the girl who bathed in perfume, or perhaps the "big guy" who takes up half of your seat as well. If you're really lucky you might get to sit between two overweight "friends" on your next flight. Especially fun if you're not as thin as you used to be either.

Flying commercially its next to impossible to get to several meetings in distant locations in the same day. Its not because of flight time but instead due to the incessant delays of commercial flights and co-ordinating flight times. Using private jet charters you can easily have a morning meeting in New York and an afternoon meeting in Boston and still make it down to Florida for the game in the evening. The flexibility of charter flights to get you where you need to be quickly and without delay is unparalleled with commercial aviation.

Some businesses have found it makes sense to own their own aircraft to support moving executives and workers around to their different locations. Occasionally that aircraft or several aircraft will be in use or unavailable due to maintenance or pilot delays. Or a larger aircraft may be needed for a larger group of passengers or for a longer range flight crossing oceans. In those instances charter planes can fill the gap and provide the same or higher levels of service to the passengers.

Where do private flights save the most time. Arguably its the time saved in not having to deal with all the delays and hassles of the airport. For a commercial flight you have to find a place to park, wait for the shuttle to take you to the terminal, wait in line to check in your bags. Notice the common theme here. Waiting.

Even if the check in process goes smoothly you still face the typically very long line to get through the security check. Where you get to be humiliated by removing your shoes and belt and if you're lucky walk through a full body scanner so somebody can see you with x-ray vision. On a private flight your plane leaves when you arrive after a few simple, quick security checks.

After getting through security the real wait begins. You did come prepared with that great new novel you've been wanting to read, right? Over the last 5 years about 20% of commercial flights were delayed because of weather, flight crew or maintenance problems or air traffic control delays. With the new tarmac delay rule in effect from the FAA - which is meant to protect passengers from waiting in the plane on the tarmac for longer than 3 hours - there has been a rise in the number of flights canceled, perhaps due to the airlines not wanting to pay the steep files imposed for the long waits.

On a private charter flight you skip all of these delays and also all of the frustrations that result as well. Instead you drive directly up and park next to the hanger. The plane leaves when you arrive, instead of waiting for the airline's schedule to dictate the timing, you dictate it.

The other big time saver of private charter flights is the ability to fly out of an airport that is very close to your home. Instead of driving an hour or more to get to a major airport the plane picks you up at a smaller regional airport that serves your community. Likewise, you often arrive much closer to your destination as well. With a rental car or hired taxi there to take you to your final destination.

Besides the time saved another reason to fly via private charter is the extra privacy that it affords. Thats one of the reasons its the preferred method of travel for celebrities. Not only is it private but there is more space to relax or get work done. In addition the food is actually something you would want to eat.

Do you know what Steve Jobs asked for as compensation when he returned to Apple after more than a decade? He didn't ask for stock options, (although he later was given some which became a small scandal in its own right.) He asked for a private jet. After his fresh success with Pixar he was trying to spend more time with his family and wanted to maximize that time. Especially when they went to his favorite resort in Hawaii together. While Steve was not given to flashy displays of wealth - he lived in a fairly modest home in Palo Alto - he still realized that private jet travel saved him valuable time and added to their comfort and privacy while traveling.

While you may be saying to yourself, "Sure, of course the super rich can afford to charter a jet" you might be surprised at how reasonable it can be to fly via private charter. If you're buying first or business class airfare for more than 4 people you might be surprised how close the cost of chartering a turboprop or light jet would be. And you would be all but assured of getting to your destination on time for once. Next time you need to fly on time take a private jet charter!

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