Recommended Tips For Visiting The Home Of The Empire State Building

by Muriel Noel

The Big Apple can be very intimidating for first-time visitors. The rush and the crowds are likely to be overwhelming for any tourist. Take note of these useful tips for visiting New York City, whether it is the first visit or not, for total enjoyment.

First of all, planning ahead can save a lot of time and hassle. Potential visitors should know which landmarks they want to see in advance. This will help when it comes to choosing modes of transportation, as well as what route to take next. Also consider the time of year when visiting, as certain landmarks or department stores will be crowded on different days throughout the year.

Look for a easily readable map for getting around. New York streets are laid out a certain way, which can be hard to decipher at first for visitors. After a while, it is relatively simple to understand. In any case, it is no hassle to stop a native New Yorker to ask for assistance.

Next on the list is safety. Don't become a target by looking lost or unsure. Use maps and guides discreetly. Keep money well hidden and out of reach. Speaking of money, have enough to last the trip, but don't walk around with huge amounts of cash. There are ATMs everywhere.

Don't do the same old things you do in your hometown when visiting! This includes eating the same food and indulging in the usual activities. This is the place to visit Broadway, go to a great exhibition or take a bus tour. Take good note of times, for shows and tours, but also for transport arrivals and departures.

To round up the list of useful , etiquette is important. The busyness requires a certain consideration of others, especially when walking on the sidewalk. Furthermore, don't get in the way by stopping at entrances, exits or the top of staircases in the subway.

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