Restaurants In Cape Town That You Ought To Never Miss

by Carla Rossouw

Cape Town is an extremely popular place in South Africa. It has excellent meeting venues, lodging and restaurants. Your trip should never be complete without using the local food and the international food the town has to present. Let me walk you through the various restaurants in Cape Town that you should never skip.

The first in the list is Fraai Uitzichi. The name of this restaurant means "Beautiful View." It is located along Route 62 and it offers a great vineyard experience. If you love grapes and wines, this is the place for you. Guests are catered to the luxurious garden suites which are surrounded by orchards and vineyards. In fact, you can directly see the fruit gardens as you look out of the window. The restaurant offers great service and has a very friendly ambience. The staff is accommodating and the place is very cozy. The restaurant makes use of fresh ingredients and you can easily taste the brightness from the freshly-picked fruits and vegetables. If you love anything organic, you will absolutely fall in love with this place. This restaurant has been awarded a lot of times for its superior accommodation and fine dining services.

Rioja Restaurant

This restaurant, which is situated in Noordhoek Valley, suits individuals who love wildlife. By eating here, you will have the ability to begin to see the natural splendor from the wild. A few of the creatures that you might see from the distance include buffaloes, wild birds and ostriches. Your meals are great since it is handled by worldwide acclaimed chefs. Actually, there are lots of wealthy and celebrities walk out their method to dine for the wonderful food experience. They endow with wood fire pizzas and homemade desserts. It uses just the fresh and quality elements to guarantee the delectable taste from the dishes.

The Test Kitchen

This restaurant is fairly new yet it has captured the attention of a large number of foodies around South Africa. It can accommodate 30 people and it serves as an experiment for the chef-owner Dale Roberts. This restaurant is not too formal and not too casual as well therefore people from different walks of life can enjoy a very delectable experience. The design is a mix of traditional and modern so you will be delighted with the architecture and decorations chosen.

La Colombe

This restaurant offers an exquisite French fine dining experience. It offers French dishes with a twist because the dishes are Asian inspired. It has a very unique ambience because it mixes modernity to casual. If you see the table settings, you know that they are very formal yet it uses a unique way of presenting the menu by utilizing a chalkboard. The plates are custom designed and they are presented in a very unique way. You can enjoy exemplary dishes for a good price.

These are simply several of the restaurants in Cape Town that you can never neglect. If you should arrived at the area, it is important to try out the scrumptious meals the town has to offer.

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