Seeking Compensation For A Failed Vacation with Holiday Illness Claims

by Dexter Osbourne

When you're on holiday you really shouldn't have to worry about falling ill, but unfortunately it does happen, and if the onus falls on another party you could be looking at some serious potential compensation. Holiday illness claims can be filed for everything from food poisoning caused by a badly cooked chicken leg from the hotels buffet to illness caused by a dirty swimming pool and you'll be genuinely surprised by how much compensation you might be able to potentially claim.

It is imperative that (if you have fallen seriously ill whilst on holiday) you should contact a solicitor before settling your claim. Tour operators will attempt to bribe you with pay-offs but these will pale in comparison to the settlements a properly trained solicitor will be able to arrange for you. A claim for serious food poisoning can start at around 1000 but depending on how severe the symptoms are and how long it puts the individual out of commission, you could but looking at in excess of 30,000.

In instances where the illness causes an individuals social and work lives significant distress, compensation can reach as much as 33,000. This is only in extreme case of course and mainly in circumstances where the illness has caused lasting damage to the individual such as haemorrhoids, incontinence or irritable bowel syndrome. In less intense cases with symptoms that only last for a few weeks, the compensation gathered by most holiday illness claims tends to settle between the 2000 and 10,000 mark depending on how serious the symptoms are.

When making any holiday illness claims it is important to note not only how much time you have currently had to take off work, but also how much time you'll have to take off in the future. This is especially relevant for individuals who work in industries where they will come into a lot of human contact where they will be required to stay off work until every trace of the illness has left their systems. This applies mainly to those in the medical and catering industries but there are other examples so make sure you check with your solicitor.

When making holiday illness claims individuals should take into account losses of past and future earnings as a result of their illness, expenses incurred as a result of the illness and the cost of the holiday (if the illness of one family member caused an entire families holiday to be ruined for example there is cause to claim back the entire price of the holiday in question). Remember to keep all receipts whilst on holiday and remember to NEVER accept settlements from tour operators as once you accept, you won't be able to make a claim against them.

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