Some Inspirational Holiday Locations

by Emily Collins

It has never been easier to plan that dream holiday. The internet gives holidaymakers so many different destinations and accommodation choices to compare against each other that for most travellers, the problem is in choosing the perfect destination and knowing that you're getting it for the best possible price. Comparison websites are the answer making sure that you get a great deal on your holiday and don't end up paying more than you need to.

Just the number of destinations out there should be enough to pique your interest, even if you aren't actually in the process of planning a holiday. Let's face it though, who really wants to spend their next bank holiday coiled up on the sofa as the summer rain thwarts your bank holiday plans yet again? Swap the supermarket for the souks and look at exotic destinations, such as Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt where you're pretty much guaranteed summer sunshine. Bartering for silks and spices is a much more enviable prospect than hanging around your local IKEA at the weekend. What's really stopping you from packing your suitcase and getting the next flight?

Further afield, there are still some offers to be had in the world's favourite over-the-top paradise Las Vegas, for less than 800 a week flights included. Spend the nights being wowed by the sheer pomposity and exciting insanity of it all, partying or gambling and generally having the time of your life.

Don't spend your holiday at home stressing about the fact the impending weather might ruin your Olympic street party plans. Simply get on a plane and spend your holiday somewhere special - you only live once!

Take a look on the Holiday Discount Centre website to see where you could be sunning yourself in a matter of weeks. Heck, a matter of days, if you're quick. How long does it take you to pack a suitcase? You might want to get started now...

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